With the strict and stringent laws regarding sexual crimes and sexual assaults, if you are alleged of any such matters, it is very important that you immediately come in contact with a houston sexual assault attorney, as we are the best and the most trusted law firm in Houston. We understand how difficult it can be to face the allegations and survive in a society that considers you a criminal even before the verdicts of the court come out. In such a condition, it is very easy for you to lose your confidence and hope ad make mistakes like convincing your friends and family regarding your innocence and tell them about your version.

This can be even more difficult for you and your family, as they too can be subject to criminal offence. We therefore, always insist that if something regarding sexual assault allegations are accused against you, you get in touch with us without waiting for the charges being made. Waiting may worsen your case and we try hard to prove your innocence.

Why hire us?

If you are accused, charged or suspected of sexual assault, or if someone near and dear to you has been accused of sexual molestation, assault or rape to an adult or to a child, or has been suspected of any other kind of sexual abuse, make sure that you have us as your attorney. It is very important that you talk with the police or with the child protective services, only in the presence of a good attorney service.

This is because, without a professional support, you might be tricked into compelled confessions. But, as we are skilled and experienced in this field, and have our lawyers and attorneys, who have been serving dedicatedly in sexual assault cases, they know how to deal with them. Proving innocence in these cases can be very difficult as it requires intensive research and aggressive cross examination of even minor witnesses. Our firm is highly skilled in this task and hence, have developed a huge track record of success rate.

Hiring us will ensure –

  • There is a proper presentation of your case and a successful exhibition of your innocence, with a gradual result of no charges against you
  • You are not charged of any punishment
  • Your case is not manipulated by the police and proper defence is provided to you at the right time

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